Dr. Ross’s Old Fashioned

Leg & Muscle Cramp Liniment

~ QUICK RELIEF ~ Guaranteed ~


With over 100 years combined pharmacy experience,

The Ross Brothers witnessed patients wrestling with painful muscle cramps & restless legs. Having limited therapeutic options to provide to patients.


Dr. Ross’s Old Fashioned Liniment was born.

Expressly formulated & blended for primary use to quickly relieve the intense pain associated with leg cramps, muscle cramps & restless legs. Users have discovered it may also offer mild relief from arthritis pain in minutes.


* Offers quick pain relief from pain associated with cramps in Legs, Toes, Calves, Thighs, Knuckles, Forearms, Neck, and Back Muscles.

     Do you have trouble with


“ Stop the Pain “ with Dr. Ross’s Liniment.

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*Offers a refreshing feeling for muscle strain of the back, neck, and shoulders due to stress.

Spray Formula directly to cramp, restless leg or joint & rub

Original Formula

Original Formula

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